How it Started

The first spark started in 1933 when Swanzey's 200th anniversary coincided with the centennial of Denman Thompson. The Town combined the two celebrations. Three years later North Swanzey put on a pagent that included a pantomime of "The Old Homestead". With money from the pagent, the North Swanzey Community Association built their community house. The idea to put on "The Old Homestead" was thought to be too large for the community assiciation so they approached the First Congregational Church and the rest is history. Both organizations were able to pay off their mortgages from the rivival.

Where the Money Goes

Since the North Swanzey Community Association and the First Congrgational Church started the association back in 1939 several other churches and associations have been involved. Today there are four churches that form the organization. They are:

The First Congregational Church

The West Swanzey Community Church

The Westport Church

The Village Church


The Old Homestead Association is a non-profit organization listed with both the State of New Hampshire and the federal government.

Officers and Directors

President Lee Dunham

Vice President Gus Williams

Secretary Joan Hagar

Treasurer Wendy Gyette

Board of Directors

First Congregational Church

Joan Hagar

Community Church of West Swanzey


Westport Church

Jen Thompson

Village Church

Wendy Guyette

At Large

Mary Faulkner

Elizabeth Colby

Gus Williams

Michelle Thompson