Mailing Address

The Old Homestead Association

P. O. Box 10414

Swanzey, NH 03446

Phone Number

603-352-4184 Leave message


Lee Dunham, President

Joan Hagar, Stage Manager


Josh: "Hold on! I want to say a word to our neighbors before we go. Now, you fathers that have got wild boys, I want you to be kind o' easy with them. If they are kind o' foolish now and then, forgive them. Like as not, it is as much your fault as 'tis theirs, they might have inherited it, you can't tell. And, mothers, well, what's the use of saying anything to you, bless your smilin' faces. Your hearts are always biling over with love and kindness for the wayward child! Now don't let this be your last visit to the Old Homestead. Come again next July and let the scarlet runners chase you back to childhood."